Why LED Lighting is the Future of Warehouse Illumination?

Why LED Lighting is the Future of Warehouse Illumination?

LED Lighting is the Future of Warehouse Illumination

All essential operations of a company, such as receiving, storing, packing, and shipping, take place in a warehouse. And along with helping us see, lights impact these operations in several ways. Hence, you must choose lights for your warehouse that are as bright as possible. And LEDs can be the perfect fit as they are durable, cost-effective, long-lasting, environment-friendly, safe, flexible, etc. Below are nine reasons that make it a clear choice for warehouse illumination.

1. Save energy

LED lights use less energy to illuminate than other lights, meaning you will get lower electricity bills. They will also help lower your energy consumption, thus decreasing your carbon footprint. Pairing LED fixtures with motor sensors can help cut energy consumption by 80%. LED also help reduce air conditioning costs as it produces less heat. So LED lighting can provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to you.

2. Long life

As warehouse light fixtures are mounted high, they are challenging to clean and maintain. Also, LED lights have a longer lifespan than traditional lights, which means you need not replace them frequently. So LED lights will help you save money on replacements. Halide lamps typically require replacements after 6,000 to 15,000 hours, while LED after 50,000 to 100,000. Therefore, we can say LED lights reduce maintenance costs to a significant level.

3. Bright illumination

Bright light with a wide coverage area is essential to work well in a warehouse facility. Though fluorescent and metal lamps can provide the same brightness level, they don’t have the same energy efficiency. Also, unlike halogens that take time to turn on, LEDs turn on instantly. For example, LED lights will allow you to see things as soon as you switch on the lights. But, with traditional lights, you need to wait for a few minutes to see.

4. Productive workspace

Studies say that a warehouse requires bright, reliable and consistent lighting. And as we all know, LEDs provide bright and uniform light, which can perfectly suit a warehouse environment. Traditional lights only provide lights to those areas over which they are installed while keeping the nearby area dark. Also, unlike traditional lights that provide yellowish light, the LED emits pure white light.

5. Durability

LEDs are designed to withstand shock, vibration, and temperature changes. Also, environmental factors such as humidity and dust don’t affect LEDs, which means they remain reliable and consistent, which is essential for the safety of the workers. So, using LED lights in a warehouse can be perfect as they can withstand the harsh conditions of a warehouse.

6. Safety and health

Poorly lit lights can increase the risk of injuries and accidents in warehouses. Investing in quality commercial LED lights will ensure the safety and security of your employees. Studies have shown that poor lighting leads to eyestrain and neck and back strain, negatively impacting workers' productivity, morale and efficiency. So, if you are looking for LEDs for your garage, loading bays or other areas, consider LED lights.

7. Flexibility

LED provides flexibility as they enable owners to control the system and thus help in saving energy. You can control the fixtures which are installed in difficult-to-reach areas through advanced systems. These systems are also equipped with motor sensors, which means they automatically turn off when there is no activity, thus saving energy.

8. Save the cost

As mentioned before, LEDs use less energy than traditional lights, which means they help you save on your power bills. Typical traditional lights convert 80% of energy to heat and 20% to light, which means 80% of your money goes towards utility bills. And since LEDs convert 80% to light and 20% to heat, you will give only 20% to utility bills. Also, consider choosing the right LED lights for your home to reduce energy costs.

The cost of LEDs has dropped significantly in recent years, making them more accessible than ever. In addition, prices are predicted to drop in the upcoming years, making them the warehouse lighting of the future.

9. Reduce glare

LED lights are designed with specific lenses, such as diffusers or fostered lenses, that help reduce reflection and glare. You can also make the lights more comfortable by tuning them to a specific colour temperature. For example, choosing warmer colours can reduce the blue light that causes eyestrain and headaches. So LED lights can provide your workers with visual comfort, which will help improve their productivity and safety.

The bottom line

Warehouse LED lighting offer more benefits than any other lighting solution. They provide you with everything from reliability to increased productivity. You can customize them to meet your specific needs, and their compatibility with smart controls enables you to manage them effectively.

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