5 Innovative island lighting ideas for your home

Kitchen islands. It doesn’t ring a bell, does it? That is because it is a relatively newer concept to modern kitchens. Promising to be super functional, kitchen islands have become a hot trend in recent times and for all the right reasons. 

After all, it entails a long queue of benefits with it; like a larger worktop space, organized storage and more accommodating seating. 

Often used as a substitute for a dining table, kitchen islands act as the hotspot of fun family chats and harmless banter. And, if you have that always on-rush member in your house, then it better be the place for keeping fruits and quick bites to pick up on the go. 

Let’s suppose you’ve got a kitchen island made in your home addressing all your previous inconveniences, but guess what? You don’t know how to make this space aesthetically pleasing. An instant bummer! But worry no more because we have brought a list of easily applicable lighting ideas for your kitchen island that won’t just beautify the space but also enhance its functionality. Let’s check those out:

1. Sleek & minimalistic chandeliers

If your kitchen island is centrally placed, getting a chandelier installed can be a brilliant idea. It’s because it will not only light up the worktop surface but also define a focal point for the overall lighting of the kitchen. Wait, when we say chandelier, do you picture those heavy decorative pieces used in old movies to show grandeur? Well, that’s not what we advise. Go for a sleek piece that does the job perfectly as well as adds a signature of minimalism. Thank us later!

2. The warm glow of crystal island lights

Today, homes are not as expanded as they used to be earlier. Carpet areas are getting shrunk and demand from us to keep our decor desires a bit under control. It is probably difficult to make peace with, but we do have some modern solutions to these modern problems. Enter suspended pendant lights in all its glory to grace your kitchen island. A crystal pendant light is perhaps all you need to adorn your culinary space while giving it a retro vibe. Let’s admit it, we all get nostalgic once in a while.


3. Make room for iron ceiling pendant lights

Gone are the days when iron was not considered a good enough element that could be used to adorn homes. With the influx of new-age designers, we welcome fresh ideas that amalgamate the old and the new to bring about something astounding. One wonderful example of the same is our single-head iron kitchen island lights, ideal for illuminating your dining space and kindling a quieter ambience. Perfect for adjustments with the light bulbs as per your mood.


4. Dom pendant lights for more focused lighting

Do you know the feeling when you don’t want to partake in what’s in your surroundings and rather sit in your familiar space with the least disturbances? We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Our Dom pendant lights are meant to quietly accompany you in those moments. Hang it from your kitchen ceiling if the kitchen island is your comfy spot, or just suspend these in your study corner where you can sit for hours by yourself and perhaps journal about your day.


5. Ceiling-mounted lights for the simplistic ones

Having explored a number of trendy and aesthetically appealing island lights, let’s move to a rather subtle and simplistic piece; the calm and composed designer ceiling-mounted LED pendant lights. But hey! Don't mistake its simplicity for its inability to attract all eyes. These work magically when you’re looking for a serene ambience needed to create a cozy time with just the ones that matter the most.


Your takeaway

One key factor that you ought to consider when choosing the perfect island lights for your kitchen island is that it will be the primary source of lighting for that entire space. Overhead LED lights are apt to keep a space appropriately lit, functional, and beautified. Browse through the listed ideas along with some other suggestions that suit your particular needs and living space. Research well and choose wisely!

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